Ivory Raven

Ivory Raven is the author of the ‘A Desire’ series, as well as the sub-series, ‘A Desire: The Other Mischievous’.

Instagram: Ivory.rvn

Twitter: Ivory.rvn

A Desire to be Free

Desires are often scattered by the consequences of one’s actions. Michael was unlike any other student his age, butlers, cars, money, high grades you name it, he had it all. But it came at a price; a price Michael thought, wasn’t worth paying. Michael had to be a puppet in the hands of his parents. He lived a childhood that a lot of teens may not appreciate. Dressing formally and going to events were his daily routines. The result? Michael’s childhood was destroyed. Michael had a dream— a goal. He simply asked for ‘freedom’; but didn’t get it. How far will Michael fight to achieve his first true desire? And will fate stand by his side?

A Desire to be Alive

Freedom has its own cost. And depending on who seeks it, life will find something to take as a price. Michael escaped with nothing but Anna; the woman who he could open up to. And when life took her away as a price, Michael entered a phase of depression which he hasn’t been able to recover from. Her soul still haunts Michael’s heart, as he tries to move on. Losing Anna meant giving up on love and those who offer it. Despite how desperately humans try to fight their instincts, they will eventually give up. Just when Michael thought he was ready to move on, life found yet another twisted way to bring him back to square one. Can Michael overwrite his past sins, and start the life he sacrificed everything for?

Claire; Primed for Flesh

Society destroyed many innocent lives, and Claire was no exception. A birthday wish turned into an inevitable reality. Those who failed to stand for what they believe in, are destined to live in fear. A Journey starts with escaping what we fear, and ends with us accepting that fear as our reality.
Claire Wyatt’s tragic past is finally seeing light. She and Scarlett embark on a journey of self-reliance, and losing faith in all that once meant something.
A family is the backbone of any society; though when they fail to be so, chaos is born. The type better known as, Claire Wyatt…

Michael; Inferior Past

A man can give up his money, his family, and his dignity; but never his dreams. Michael promised change only he could fulfill. A new life with clear tabs. It has been a couple of rough nights for Michael; given he had lost everything that kept him intact. And when he was on the verge of collapsing, a mysterious name knocked on his door. That man promised nothing but the truth. The past Michael had but never experienced. Michael is now bound to uncover the other side of this past. Alternatively, he can let go, and live the remaining days of his life in peace. But is peace the ultimate goal of life? The truth people are blind from seeking? He had realized, along the past few years, that, perhaps, peace is but the final piece of an already established canvas; something he’s yet to attain. It was up to Michael to choose a path– and stay true to it. Till death do him part, that is..

Trevor; Hoaxed Affection

When his little hobby is threatened to be made public, young Noah Walker is set to make a choice. A literal life changing one. Choosing ‘A’ would mean leaving all that he once adored and start again as an unknown. Choosing ‘B’, on the other hand, would simply mean death. It would be up to Noah to decide whether taking the easy way out is the better option. Or, perhaps, embracing change, bitting his tongue… Heart is a man’s best tool. Kind, but poorly structured. Trevor was under the impression that love is a one sided lucky coin. He’d flip the coin, and it would always land on ‘LOVE’. But once he sees love for what it really is, Trevor is forced, once again, to make a choice. Moving on… or fighting back. Betraying, lying, cheating,  and killing. Those were the ABC’s of love; according to him, that is…

Scarlett; Fleshing Bright


Claire; Primed for Deception